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(2.2)The Europeans took away their culture, they no longer know what their whole culture is like or their religion. “ In countries have no culture or are afraid they may have no culture, there is a Minister of Culture. And what is culture, anyway?” ( Kincaid, 49). For the Europeans they were monkeys, their cultures didn’t make sense, and that made them take them to North Ireland “ She told these girls over and over again to stop behaving as if they were monkeys just out of trees.” ( Kincaid, 29). Thinking it was a favor they were doing, they destroyed in what they believed in. Antiguans saw them as badly behaved and empty of grace, with no respect towards their believes. Europeans wanted to force the Antiguans the culture they were taught or their beliefs.  In order to understand this book one has to learn the inequality there is in Antigua, and how it affects the natives. “ Antiguans are not allowed on the beaches of this hotel; they are stopped at the gate by guards; and soon the best beaches in Antigua will be closed to Antiguans.” ( Kincaid, 57).

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