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The influence of other cultures in our country

         Culture shapes our identity and influences our behaviors, and cultural 
diversity makes us accept, and even to some extent, integrate and assimilate with other cultures. Cultural diversity has become very important in today's world.American culture has greatly influenced our country with traditions such as Halloween, Easter, and some more.
       In Ecuador there are some traditions that do not originally belong to our culture, such as Halloween. Here in Ecuador, a large part of the people has adopted this tradition when on October 31, the day of the Shield of Ecuador is celebrated and a huge part of our habitants forgot it, however there are people who do not give importance to that celebration since Halloween. They usually make costume parties, paint their faces, ask for sweets and random things just to maintain a tradition that is not ours. In Easter, people spend time with their families and eat some typical food and here in Ecuador people do that. Families decorate their houses and some of them do it with green colors.
      In fact, adopting new cultures can make us change our personality and even our own culture, but everybody can learn and know different cultures and celebrate it. Also, this helps us to know a little more about the world. 

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