Curve of indifference

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2. Write a review based on a movie you have seen.

I saw that the movie was called Spiderman and the main actor Was gentle Peter Parker a boy who was orphaned at a very early age, is a Student who works as a photographer of the Daily Bugle. During a visit of the Institute to the museum, a genetically modified spider escapes from the Laboratory and bites him in the hand, while taking photographs. Soon after, he Discovers that the spider's bite has given him super powers. After witnessing a Robbery, and in an attack of indifference, letting the thief escape, he Realized that the same man assaulted and killed his beloved uncle Ben and from That moment he began to use the powers he had. The movie was great and I think The creator of this movie has given idols of a new generation to admire. I Assumed it would be a polished piece of marketing instead of a real action Story. The film, despite the wonderful effects and the cast, is too long.

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