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It is well known that teens interact in different ways at school and at Their home. Nowadays, there are many problems like bullying or cyber bullying That need a solution. In order to help to deal with this serious problem, some Teachers have proposed that teens should be more sympathetic and empathy with Each other.

First of all, I believe that teens which haven’t been grown up in a normal Family, tease to other classmates so as to avoid their problems and forget Them. In addition, apart of bullying There is other kind of bullying which is known as cyber bullying.  Besides, Cyber bullying could be more harmful to teenagers because it is via Internet And it could hurt teens life. For that Reason, teachers should be very careful with people who are being bullied and show them affection so that they could be happier.

In short, we must put an end to this Situation. If you see someone being cyber bullied when you’re online, you must report it. You could save Someone’s life. Don’t be selfish. Will being popular matter when the person you Saw being cyber bullied takes their life away? “Think before you post!” It is Very important to do so. You never know how much of a negative impact your post Could be on someone. Be cautious. Is your hurtful post worth risking someone’s Life? 

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