Cycle of violence the aggression cycle

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The cycle of violence: violence is gradually appearing in the relation d pareja.Normalmente 1st aggression over time has been forgotten by not being identified as the cmienzo the vilencia cycle, but as 1 made the aislado.Aunque women sense that violence is brewing, the majority fails to discern the cycle of misma.Comprender cycle it is essential. It can be differentiated into three stages: 1 strains and verbal attacks due to frustration by several dissatisfaction in couples. 2 explosion and physical aggression. 3 phase cool down and asks forgiveness, gets affectionate with the victim. Division by smaller cycle phases: a dissatisfaction in the couple.B q verbal and psychological violence fosters violence. c the man threatened to assault him. d desencadenate factor occurs. and the attack takes place (the woman seeking help.) f there is repentance of the offender is the honeymoon. g the problem continues as the aggressor q cycle begins again with vilolencia psychological and threats.

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