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Departament store where you can buy a lot of things

Teenager person who have aroun 16 years old
Choice an action or instance of choosing
Rubbish where you can trows trash
Poor person with a low purchasing power
Trip a travelling from one place to another
concerned preocupado6
belong to pertenece a1
rescuing rescatando7
passengers pasajeros2
purpose proposito3
aware consciente5
sign up registrarse10
overnight durante la noche8
accommodation alojamiento9
claim reclamación4
It is important to have strength in order to get up in the morning
I screamed at my frien because I was very scared
I once signed up for a website for people of legal age
Ann took a lot of photos so that you could go well in some
I felt like a fish out of water when my father abandoned me
If you did more excersice you will be pass the exam
Would you come to the party if did I come with drinks?
Unless I pass the exam I won´t go to the party
Would you mind if I did stay at home?
If i had know the truth I had not confident?

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