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INCREASING TENSIONS? -Britain, France, Germany and Italy competing to expand their empires.-France lost Alsace-Lorraine and want it back.-Russia have wars with Ottoman Empire.-Austria-Hungrary many nations wanted independence.- General public more nationalist.LIFE IN TRENCHES?Artillery was a constant danger, shells contained poison gas, full of rats(bad conditions), food shortages, trench foot because of the damp.CHRISTMAS TRACE? Soldiers from opposing sides laid down their guns and celebrated christmas together.PROPAGANDA? Governments used it to make people think that the war was going well. Letters censored.Lies about enemy were invented so they supported the war. VOTES FOR WOMAN? After war, new opportunities for woman to find work. This demostrated that they were capable of working outside the home

ROARING TWENTIES? Were a period of high economic growth in the United States. It was the most powerful economy in the world, and its popular culture had a big influence on other countries. Particulary in the cities, the 1920s were also a time of rapid social change, so the period is often called the roaring twenties. SOVIET UNION? After WWI, communists fought other groups for control of the areas thet Russia had lost in the treaty of brest-Litovsk. Finland, Poland and the Baltic states gained independence under anti-communists governments, while Ukraine and Belarus became communist states. Together with the Russian Soviet republic, these communiust states now created the Union of Soviet socialist Republics. NEW DEAL? Roosevelt implemented a series of measures to try to end the Depression: -Paying farmers to produce less, so that food prices would rise.- Making banks stronger.-Buildings infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and dams in order to provide employment.-Providing free food through "soup kitchens".-Introducing unemplyments benefit and old age pensions.-

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