Daniela garcia accident by train

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I took a car and I went to Japan, there I took a ferry to south Korea and after that I took a train from south Korea to Pekin(for what)...There, In China, the medicine was more advanced than here, I met a lot... When we arrive to the port of Busan to take the ferry we listen in the street the new of the bombing of hiroshima. We get very very worried I’ve got anxiety attacks and shaking chills just thinking that something had happened to my family specially because it was recent  the death of my parents in an accident ...The days passed and I still didn’t know anything about my family, I went every thay to find my daughters in the part of the kids, I met a girl called Mië that was 7 years old who was completely alone (adopt) ...Someone told to me that he thought that he saw my daughters, I start looking for them like crazy and finally the 21 of September I found them, they where with a woman who adopted them, and casually it was the mother of Mië, we decide to go to live together and finally years later we get married, we went the fieve to Tokyo...Now I live in Tokyo with Kioko, my actual wife. Kai is 63 years (descript)...

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