Daniela García hit by a train

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Televise=retrasmitir,Score a goal=marcar un gol, Hold(an event)=realitzar un event, Win=guanyar,Get a medal=conseguir una medalla, Support a team=apoyar un equipo, Break a record=romper un record,

Take up(a suport)=practicar un esport, Lose= perdre, Set a record=conseguir un record, Draw= empat,Coach=entrenador.

Away team=not on home field,equip fora, Blow whistle=blow the final whistle,pitido final, Break a recor=surpass the previous highest,romper un record,Coach=instructor,entrenador, Commit a foul=unhave behavior,cometer falta, Compete again=take part in a sport(rival),competir de nou, Ccicyle track=path used by bikes,pista x bicis, Draw=tiea game,empat, Football pitch=ground where soccer is played,camp de futbol, Get a medal=obtain/win an award, Hold and event=organise an activity,Home team=local team,equip de casa, Ice hockey arena=surface for ice skating,estadi hockey gel, Karts track=karts circuit,circuit kars, Lose=fail to win,perdre, Make a save=preventing a goal,hacer una parada, Miss a penalty=fail to hit,fallar un penal,Opponents=opposing playing,oponents, Race track=racing circuit,pista de carreres, Score a goal=earn points in football,marcar,Send off for fouling=throw a player out,expulsar, Set a record=establish a record, Support a recod=be in favour of a team,apoyar eqip, Take up a sport=get initiated in a sport, Tennis court=ground marked out for tennis,pista tenis, Tournament=sport competition,torneig, Train=sports practise,exercice,entreno, Win=come first in,guanyar, Win by three goals=guanyar x tres

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