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Eight Basque Surnames, directed by Emilio Matinez and starring Clara Lago, Dani Ravira, Carmen Machi and Karra Elejalde. This film is about love and it is also a comedy.
Amaia Zugastis lived in Basque city, nevertheless Antxon lives in Andalusia. He decided to leave his city to follow Amaia. SHe is a young basque woman that unlike other women that he had met, she resisted his seduction techniques. A series of circumstences led the ypung sevillian to pretend being an authentic Basque. Finally, they fell in love. There ara amazing performaces by Dani Ravira and Clara Lago.
In my opinion, it is worth seeing it because it makes you have a good time and it will make you laught a lot. This film should not be missed!

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