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.Concentrated rural settlements 

houses are grouped together
inhabitants have acces to numerou
services to meet their needs scattered
.Rural settlements houses are insolated
open fields regular plots without 
boundaries bocage plots separated wih
walls or hedges
.Crop diversity, polyculture land divided
in small plots grow variety of crops mono
culture farmer grow single crop irrigated
farming fields need rain used rainfed drip
irrigation(goteo)intensive farmingmaxmu
productivity investment fertilisers special
seeds machineryextensive agriculture big
pieces of land to produce large amounts of
one product at low costs different plots 
open fields- enclosed fields or bocage syste
m for cultivation polyculture- rainfed-inten

traditional livestock farminganimal produc
ts are produced to feed farmers and not 
comercial purposes it complements arable farm
commercial livestock- extensiveout regions 
-intensive highly specialised farms cattle farming
sheep farming- pig farming.Rural settlement
small urban sttlement larger number of inhabita
nts-economic activity- population density concen
tration of buildings/industrial and post industrial
.Urban layout:irregular:historic centre- orthogonal
grid:expansion zones radial or concentric: ring roads
.Open field,landscape characterised by plots
.bocage,characterised by separated walls or hedges
.dry farming crops,onlyrecieve water from rain 
.irrigated crops,water they need from irrigation sistms
.extensive farming,big areas produce lot of product 
.monoculture,it just produce one tipe of crop
.polyculture,variety of different crops /tradicional
livestock,modern merchandized/ linear,
nucleated disperse(patterns on settlements)

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