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My uncle Works in this office...He said (that) his uncle worked in that office//There are many trees in this park...He said (that) there were many trees in that park//I left my keys in your house last night...She said to him (that) she had left her keys in his house the previous night//The students have already read these books...She said (that) the students had already read those books//We are watching TV...She said that they were watching TV// Can I help you?...She asked me if she could help me//Do you study in this high school?...She asked us if we studied in that high school//They saw my mother this afternoon...They said that they had seen my mother that afternoon//I will go with you...She said she would go with me//I can play five instruments...He said he could play five instruments//I´m confused...He said that he was confused//I´m tired...She said she was very tired//Dave loves Anastacia...He said that Dave loved Anastacia//My phone isn´t made of plastic...She said she wasn´t made of plastic

I will spend my holidays in London this summer...She said she would spend her holidays in London that summer//There are many of this pictures in this museum...He said there were many of his pictures in that museum//I put my books on your desk yesterday morning...She told him she had put her books on his desk the morning before// I would do it...He said he would have done it//We would like to go to Paris...They said they would have liked to go to Paris

Cervantes wrote Don Quijote...Don Quijote was written by Cervantes//JJ.Abrams won´t direct SW8...SW8 won´t be directed by JJ.Abrams//Christopher C. Discovered America in 1492...America was discovered by Christopher C. In 1492//The Hyunday cars are made in South Korea//The computers are used by the students every day//Peter will be be sent to prisión (by them)//A party won´t be given this NYE by Tom//The fugitive has been caught in France (by them)//Were you frightened by the noise?//This dress must be ironed for tonight (by you)// Has that chair been mended (by someone) yet?//Many valuable paintings were destroyed by the fire//Avatar & Titanic were directed by James Cameron

This song is played on the radio every day (by them)//The parcel will be sent tomorrow (by me)//This NY meal won´t be cooked by Roger//CR has been seen in Cc (by them)//"Hamlet" & "Macbeth" was written by Shakespeare//Many people are killed by smoking every year//The Oscar For The Best Picture was won by Moonlight//The house was finished painting by 10 o´clock (by them)//Happiness is brought by money people generally asume//People are said to live longer nowadays//A war is said to be 

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