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7how is atonio going to spend New Year´s Eve?

Antonio is going to go with Elanie and some of poeple from the Thanksgiving dinner to a hotel overlooking Times Square. They'll have dinner and dance

 What interesting things can you see at Rockefeller Centre at Christmas?

The most interesting things you can see at Rockefeller Centre at Christmas are the outdoor ice-skating rink and the twenty meters high pine tree above it.

.Why was Antonio surprised when he got to Times Square?

Times S. Was already almost full. There were thousands of people there althought it was freesing

 What was in the envelope which Elaine gave Antonio?

Antonio found in the envelope a photograph of Elaine and him at Empire State Building. She had also written a message on the back of the photograph.

8why was anton worried when he checked his e-mails in Almeria?

Because Jason sent him an e-mail which said that Antonio should call Jason as soon as he could. That made that he thought that something bad had happened.

 Why was Jason so excited about being an understudy?

Jason was an undestudy sor one of the principal role in a Broadway show. If that actor got sick or couldn't do the show for any reason. Jason would play his heart

 What was the good news that Antonio heard from Elaine when he arrived at the airport? 

The “good news” was that the actor that Jason was understudying for was sick. That meant Jason could act.

 How do people who are not rich manage to see Broadway shows and what is the problem about this?

There is a place in the middle of Times Square that sells half-priced tickets for Broadway shows. The problem is that they only sell tickets for shows that aren´t completely full. There´s also usually on enormous line to buy tickets.

Why was Antonio filled with admiration for Jason when he stood on the stage after the show?

Antonio would be scared to death to walk out in front of almost 1.000 people and sig and act 

9What happens only twice each summer in New York?

The New York Philharmonic Orchestra plays only two times each summer (givesa free classical music concert) in Central Park

 What is special about the Strawberry Fields garden?

John Lennon, one of the Beatles, liked to spend time in the garden. Shortly after he died, the city dedicated the garden to hhim. In the centre of the gardenis a circular area with a mosaic that spells out 'Imagine' the title of the Lennon's most famous song. Strawberry Fields is named after a famous Beatles song that John Lennon composed.

 What are the main features of Central Park?

Central Park has got millions of trees and plants, bushes, lakes and green spaces

What impressed Antonio during the concert in Central Park?

Antonio said that it was incredible that everyone was listening quietly to the music. In Spain the people like to talk too much.

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