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In my Opinion, the United Kingdom must remain in the EU for the following motives:

First, the Immigration is good for the economy. The community emigrants realize a clear Contribution to the budget of the United Kingdom, since, in general, they pay Taxes and consume fewer social benefits.

The Permanency of the United Kingdom will strengthen his economy. The EU rests to The British companies, generates working places and offers more competitive Prices to the consumers. If the United Kingdom goes out, the investment will Fall down and million working places will get lost, since many multinationals Members of the EU would move his business towards other countries with lower Costs.

commercial Partner of the United Kingdom. On having gone out of the block, the commercial Barriers and the applied rates would shoot the uncertainty.

Out of the EU, the United Kingdom would remain more isolated in the global scene, and Therefore it would lose his influence in questions of antiterrorist politics, trade And environment. 

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