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They gave me a present yesterday

I was given a present yesterday.

The teacher has explained the lesson

The lesson has been explained by the teacher.

A famous artist will paint the walls of the parliament 

The walls of the parliament were painted by famous artist.

You didn`t ask me. So I didn`t give you the money

If you had asked me I wouldn`t have given you the money. 

Hong kong is now part of china. My parents were born in hong kong.

Honk Kong where my parents, were born is now part of China.

A man answered the phone. He had a nice voice

The man who answered the phone had a nice voice.

Rachel said  to me i`m very angry with you 

Rachel said to me she was very angry with me.

Tom said, i`m taking my driving test next week 

Tom said he was tacking his driving test the following 

Do you love me? Sarah told her boyfriend 

Sarah ask her boyfriend if he loved her.

Park your car here the policeman said to me

The policeman told me to park the car there 

My father asked me why did you arrive so late last night? 

My father asked me why I had arrived so late the night before.

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