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Last Sunday Was my birthday and my parents was given the trilogy of “back to the future”. In my opinion, part 1 is the best of the three films.

Back to the Future is science – fiction film about a boy called Marty Mcfly (Michael J. Fox ) and “Doc” (Christopher Lloyd)  who has A time machine and we have to go to the past to change the future. This film is Directed by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale.

The story Begins Marty is at night in a parking lot of a mall with his friend Doc. Here He the shows the time machine but suddenly a terrorist group who had stolen Plutonium Doc before, attack them and shoot Doc and Marty has to run away to the Past with the time machine. Here, he has to meet his friend Doc but thirty Years ago.

It’ s a Good film because I love action and science-fiction movies and I think I will Never get tired of seeing it.

I recommend You this because I know that you and me like the same type of films and I sure That you will have a great time seeing this trilogy.

See you Oscar, I hope that you like this film. We keep in touch.

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