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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in 

possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife

Book is more extensive that film. In the film, everything
happens very quickly. The viewers don't know the time
that has gone from scene to scene. Film only emit the 
moments most importants of the story.The dialogues of the
 characters in the book are more extensive and formals.
The worst of film it's that the final cause many questions
without answers. Some characters in the film are not well suited.

MrBennet-is one of the least mobile characters in the book.
 he is an intelligent man, he is lazy and apathetic and chooses to
 spend his time ridiculing the weaknesses of others rather
 than addressing his own problems. Irresponsable

Jane-The oldest and most beautiful of the Bennet daughters, 
she has a good heart and a gentle nature.(rubia)

Elizabeth-She is described as a beauty and has especially 
expressive eyes, but what everybody notices about her is
 her spirited wit and her good sense. Funny sarcastic

Bingley-Darcy best friend. Has a lot of money.He is a genial,
 well-intentioned gentleman, calm character.Friendly, sensible

Caroline Bingley-selfish,hypocritical,double personality(readhair)
Darcy-gardian,brother Georgiana. Is very wealthy and a person 
of great integrity, but his extreme class-consciousness makes
 him appear vain and proud.

Collins-pastor,shy. Is a distant cousin of the Bennet family 
He is mostly a comic character. Is proud.

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