"death in the freezer"

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Holden Caulfield:Depressed tall sixteen year old who smokes, underwent trauma, and cannot socialize. Very passive, and distrusts adults. 
Allie Caulfield:Holden's brother. Died before the story began. His death has a lasting effect on Holden. Red haired and left handed. Green ink guy. Special because of those two traits. Very smart and sweet.
Phoebe Caulfield: younger sister to Holden; very smart; writes her own stories, awesome dancer, and writer.
Db Caulfield: Holden's older brother, an author who writes movies in Hollywood. Was traumatized in the war.
Mr, caufield: wealthy corporation lawyer, invests money in Broadway shows that flop, used to b a Catholic
Mrs caufield: holdens mother, dresses nicely 
Dr Thurmer: The headmaster of Pency Prep. Classified as a phony.
Selma Thumer: Pencey's headmaster's daughter; nice but not pretty, knows her dad is a phony
Mrs spencer: The history professor's wife is known for her forbearance, kindness, and hot chocolate.
 Ackley:Holden's next door neighbor in his dorm at Pencey' halitosis and pimples, dirty face and gross. Catholic with no sense of space
Stradlater: Holden's roommate at Pencey; dates Jane Gallagher; handsome and popular
Jane Gallagher: one of the few girls that Holden respects; dated Stradlater 
Mr Antolini:Holden's former English teacher at Elkton Hills who now teaches at NYU.
Sally Hayes: Holden's date to a matinee on Sunday is attractive but shallow and artificial.
Maurice: The elevator operator at the Edmont Hotel, who procures a prostitute for Holden.
Sunny: A teenage prostitute at the Edmont Hotel, she is frightening despite her "little bitty voice." 
Mr spencer:Holden's history teacher at Pencey who tries to help Holden get it together
Faith cavendish: Holden calls her to set up a date but it's too late; sounds nice 
Ernest morrow:Holden meets his mom; tells her that he's popular and sensitive when he's really the biggest bastard
Mrs, morrow: Holden meets her on the train and tells her lies about how well her son Ernest is doing. 

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