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The Brontë Sisters

• Women writers • G. Elliot considered them “silly novels by Lady novelists”

• Reversal of roles of socially aware women

• Charlotte (Jane Eyre), Emily (Wuthering Heights) and Anne Brontë (The Tennant of Wildfell Hall)

• New social, psychological and emotional possibilities in women-> The women they

represent in their books are totally different to the social Conventions of the time

• Characteristics:

- Extreme passion and violence - Rags of riches story >> people who are poor and become rich - Love, mystery and passion are the main themes and explore the feelings Of the characters - Exploration of inner nature - Responsibility of one’s life - They are usually generous characters

Emily and Anne Brontë

• Wuthering Heights (1874)• Emotional force • Complex structure

• Harmony >> crisis/violence/intensity/pain/death >> Harmony

• The Moorelands, Cathy, Heathcliff • The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1848)

• “The slamming of Helen’s door”…


Thomas Hardy • Jude the Obscure • Wrote “The Thrush”.

• Determinism. Last Period of English Realism. Naturalism: we can see the determinism. • Characters living a Vicious circle from which they can’t get out.

• Very negative approach To reality.

• The type of characters That are reflected are very obscure and marginal. Marginal

society. Outsiders. • Direct attack on Victorian chains of class consciousness and social convention. More direct criticism than George Elliot for example.

• Transition certainties To modern guileless times.

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