"death in the freezer"

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When going To visit her aunt, lets the tablet in a box of chocolates saying that it was a Learning experimental medicine .At the time of the death of his aunt, will Corroborate home with Sybil. Sybil found the box of chocolates that handed Arthur, Contained in the poison. The lady died of natural causes.

So, Arthur Decides plotting another plan, murdering his uncle Chichester, but also fail to Pump failure.

Frustrated By his two failed attempts, Arthur gives up and decides to go for a walk and think, Sees the same Podgers, and desperate before his unsuccessful attempts, Eventually throwing the River Thames.

Years after The incident and wedding, Arthur and his wife are at home to Lady Windermere, And she argues that Palmists are no longer popular and no longer believe in Them.

Wilde Criticizes the narrowness of the English and their penchant for enigmatic. It Shows that the lives of the characters in this story revolves around this and Mocks it ,

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