"death in the freezer"

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In the last days Italy got collapsed for what has happened in the Etna Mount in Sicilia.The vocano that has a funnel shaped erupted and destroyed a holiday complex and several plains around it.//Although a weather forecaster had predicted the dissaster that happened noone belived him because the ancient volcano had not been activated for years.However the explotion which has an underground origin will generate a heat wave in all the island.Besides this the sky is overcast and strong storms could occur throughout the day.It may have destroyed more than it has destroyed.But that is not all because furthemore there were many tourists in the shattered resort.Fortunately they were rescued by the rescue service of this dangerous area in time avoiding death.Due to it they are very grateful because if they had not saved they would be dead.//Now the italian governement must control the volcano because the island might be totally destroyed.Moreover if they don't do it well many more people were in danger.

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