Death penalty

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the death penalty is illegal in more than half of the countries in the world. There are many countries that continue to use this form of punishment. China uses the death penalty most often. Chinas has executed 1,770 people, but Amnesty International says the real number is probably about 80,000. In Europe, the death penalty is only legal in Lithuania and Russia. In North and South America is legal in some places. The United States is an important exception. It is the only Western democracy that continues to use the death penalty. In Iran is used to punish people for religious offenses. One of the most common methods is stoning. In Africa, many people are executed during wars and other conflicts. However, it's difficult to know the exact number of victims. The rights of immigrants Many people immigrate to another country because they are looking for a better life or a higher standard of living. But they must often immigrate illegally because there is no legal way. Thousands of illegal immigrants suffer and die every day. Some illegal immigrants are successful and finally arrive in a new country. But then they often suffer from violence, abuse and exploitation. In some countries, haven't got any legal protection or any rights to education, health-care or housing. As a result, they must often live and work in terrible, inhuman conditions.

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