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Irregular verbs:break-broke:Romper/Can-could:Poder/Come-came: venir/Do-Did: hacer/ Drink-drank:Beber/eat-ate:comer/feel-felt:sentir/Give-gave:dar/Go-went:Ir/Have-had:Tener/Keep-kept:Guardar/Make-made:Hacer/Meet-met:Hacer/Pay-paid:pagar/See-saw:Ver/Swin-swam:Nadar/Take-took:Tomar/Think-thought:Pensar/Win-won:Ganar/Write-wrote:Escribir.-. --,.Correction fluid caution in the eyes mouth .-.Ultra smooth metal needle-point tip for precise correction-Easy application: shake and squeeze,Soft, squeezable body for increased control,.,Fast drying, premium coverage -  Multi-usage: can be used on all types of papers and ink--They ignite flammable liquids (untie fire) and burn easily at normal working temperatures generally. Liquid fuels have the ability to burn at temperature

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