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Decroly part of the educational principles gained through her work with handicapped children. His great achievement was to demonstrate that globalization is an essential phenomenon, not only in perception but also in child intellectual functioning. The educational activity is based on two basic principles: the principle of globalization, and Prince. of interest. The principles and the methodological basis he suggested, were in the educational movement of 'new school'.

Global approach: Methods for the child's learning of all the parties, where the child's thinking is synthetic, and thematic units are not studied in subjects parcels.

The Basics: 1-'Escuela for life, for life 'is, respect for the child and their personality. 2 - the principle of freedom. 3 - search for the educational ideals of the school, based on the learner's own vital reality and taking into account their interests. 4-opposition to the rigid discipline, where the child is subjected to a passive attitude. 5-Organize qe school environment for her to find there the right motivations to their natural curiosities, without coercion, but with conditions, suggesting activities to suit each individual. 6 - Form groups of children, 20y25 homogeneous classes among students per class. 7 - The school must be active, allowing the child to express their concerns and trends in the game. 8-It builds on the observation of nature, by raising awareness and intuition of the child. 9-Top of globalization, as part of a program with fixed ideas.

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