Definig and no defining clauses

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First Condicional: IF+Present.S+Future (if i study, i will pass the exam)

Second   "         : IF+Past.S+ Would+Verb (if i jumped i would earn)
Third       "        : IF+Past.Perfect+Would Have+Past Participle (if i had studied, i would have passed the exam)

Active: People have dowloaded films- Instagram are going yo make a..
Passive: Films have been dowloaded (by people)- a new version is going to be made by instagram.

Can/Could: Habilidad
Must/ Have to: Obligación 
Not have to/ Neednt: No obligación
Cant/ Musnt: Prohibición
Should/ ought to: Consejo 
Might/ May: Podría, posibilidad

Modal Perfect: Modal + have + Past participle

  -Statements: "I'm cold" you said you were cold.
                     " i felt very tired last night" You said you had very tired the n..
  -Questios: "Who are you?" You asked me who i was.
                  " do you walk to school every day?" You asked me if a walked..
  - Orders: "Dont open the windows!" I told him not to open the wndows.
                " Shut up!" He told me to shut up
  - Suggestions: " Lets go to the beach!" I suggest going to the beach
                        "Shall me go to toninght's concert" I suggested going to that night concert.

RELATIVE CLAUSES:        Defining                          Non Defining
Who/That: Personas  The man who is his friend..   My friend, whose sister 
Which/That: Cosas                                              play tennis, live in madrid
Whose: Posesiones 
Where: Lugares
When: tiempo 

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