Delay in recognizing "air pollution as a health risk

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Analyze the land and water management issues impacting The Parramatta River Catchment.

The Parramatta River catchment is one of the most highly urbanized catchments in Australia. But there are many different issues that impact the health of the catchment. These issues are from land to water that both affects Parramatta River, due to The consequences of human activity such as development industry, land and water pollution, storm water runoff, flooding, boating and simple things we do every Day such as driving the car or walking the dog. All have an impact on the Health of the waterways.

To Prevent this, there is an Environmental Improvement Program that has four main Streams:  Storm water Management, Floodplain Management, Healthy Waterways, Sustainable Water.

Each Of them have a function to improve the water quality of the Catchment.  But why is this Catchment so important for Us? Having healthy catchments are important for human lives because there is Where food is grown and where ´Healthy Waterways´ comes from.

There Are other things that are significant impact on the catchment such as Weeds. They Can reduce the water quality, choke waterways and destroy the habitat of native Animals.

There Are two types of weeds that affect Parramatta river catchment:

·´Noxious weed´, by law this weed must be controlled Because it affects human and animal health. The reason is because typically They are plants that grow aggressively, multiply quickly without natural Controls and expose adverse effects through contact or ingestion.

·´Environmental weed´ affects the balance of the entire Ecosystem by reducing biodiversity, taking away vital food sources and habitat For native insects, birdlife and fauna. This weed can spread via wind, water, Animals and unsuitable disposal of garden waste

Storm Water is treated with system flows directly from the drains that are on the roof Of the houses, or collects on paved areas like driveways, roads and footpaths And is carried away through a system of pipes known as the storm water system. In some cases the water is partially filtered and treated by storm water Treatment devices, however most of the time the water remains untreated, which means That anything that gets washed down the drains such as oil, litter and Pesticides end up in our waterways. The impact of the storm water pollution is Worst after the rain. That´s why in some cases people advise not to swim due to The health risk that storm water pollution poses.

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