Delay in recognizing "air pollution as a health risk

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Air Pollution →

  1. Destroy ozone layer

  2. Carbon dioxide

  3. Health

  4. Pollute the atmosphere

Floading →

  1. Global warming

  2. Contaminate water supplies

  3. Lead to/run the risk of famine/drought/ flooding


  1. Extinction

  2. Bio-diversity

  3. Run out of natural resources

  4. Loss of natural habitat  

  1. Waste should be disposed of carefully or recycled rather that dumped. Greater use of bio-degradable materials will help to conserve the world’s natural resources, benefit the environment.

  2. Cars give off/emit poisonous gases, which pollute the atmosphere, and cause illnesses and allergies.

  3. The emission of greenhouse gases had led to global warming, which is likely to cause more frequent droughts, famine and  floodings.

  4. Although some farmers welcome the idea of genetically modified crops, as they will reduce the use of conventional pesticides, there is concern about potential allergies to people and animals.

5. Deforestation in many parts of the world has led to   loss of natural habitat and the extinction of many species.

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