Democracy in Ancient Greece

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Human Rights are innate condictions.This means that we all have the same rights Because we are all human beings.Human rights are also inalienable,because no One can take them away from us.-They are universal.Everyone has the same Rights-“”” inalinable.They belong to each person-“” non-negotiable—we can Exercise our rights as individuals and as social groups or collectives.

2a democracy is a political system that gives supreme power to the people. Types-direct:citizens make political decisions by voting directly on all important Matters-indirect:citizens vote to elect representatives.Then the elected Representatives make decisions fot the citizens.

3Dictatorship Is a government in which one person of a group of people make all the rules and Decisions whitout input from anyone else.-Power is controlled by one person or Small group of people-the dictador and supports wrtite the laws In the way that They want-there,re mechanisms to control information,repress oppositions and resentence And manipulate thee political system to maintain power.

The democracy In Greece was based in that the free,native adult make citizens of the city Took a major and direct part in the management of the affairs of states.The Affairs were often handled by a form of direct democracy,based and popular Assembly.

The most Famous were Socrates Plato and Aristotle.They lived in Athens mostly of their Lies and knew each others.Socrates came first and Plato was his student.The Athernians voted to kill Socrates in 339BbC and Plato who was pretty angry About it began his work by writing down his own ideas and opening a School.Aristotle who was younger come to attens as a teenager to study at Plato School,and ended up starting his own school,the Lyceum when he grew up

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