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56. The agricultural - farm tenancy./by conservative Democrats.

57. The Alliance’s political - railroad Regulation/supported an expanded role for Government.

58. Between 1900-1920, immigrants of Mexican/10 percent

59. After the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Democrats Crossed/for a Democratic presidential

60. Although racial antipathy- 1970s/to President Johnson’s passage of the Voting Rights Act.

61. The 19th Amendment gives women the Right to vote.

62. The 24th Amendment bans the poll tax in Federal elections.

63. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 bans Literacy tests if a person has a 6th grade education.

64. The 23th Amendment gives District of Columbia residents the right to vote in presidential elections.

65. The 26th Amendment reduces the voting Age to 18 from 21.

66.Incumbents are much more likely to win since 5 of 6 congressional districts are safe seats.

67. Packing Is when the state government draws congressional districts so that the Opposition party’s votes are concentrated into a small number

68. Cracking is When the state government draws congressional districts so that opposition Party votes constitute a minority within Districts.

69. Campaigns for Congress are financed only by private money. The tendency is lower voter

70. Before 1972, by the party leaders, And the nominee generally was selected at the party’s

71. Which one of the following primary types is Unconstitutional?

Blanket Primary

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