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5 -) democratic six-year period (1868-1874).
A) Revolution of 1868.
In 1866 he began a serious economic crisis that ended with an anti-monarchist revolution. The ideology of leftist groups banded together to democratize the country by the covenant of Ostend.
A statement addressed by General Prim and Serrano was also supported by the major cities that made the Queen into exile.
Formed a constitutional government that the constitution of 1869 support for democratic universal male suffrage.
B) Democratic Monarchy (1870-1874).
The new constitution was conceived as a parliamentary monarchy, is looking for a new king Amadeo. Was opposed by moderates, Carlist, the church as well as Republicans. Moreover, the revolt of Cuba and the beginning of the 3rd Carlist War made him resign.
C) The First Republic (1873-1874).
With the withdrawal of the king, the court scheduled the republic but with a very narrow margin. Attempt to broad social reform and to organize a federal state in which they were created 15 federal republics.
The republic had numerous problems: Carlist War, the revolt in Cuba, the economic crisis and especially the cantonalismo (very local independence movement.)
In January 1874, General Pavia gave a coup and attempted to impose a conservative republic failure.

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