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The moderate decade(43-54During the reign of Isabells, Spains modete liberal party remained in goverment  Moderate Govermen. Converted spain in a conservative and centaralist liberal state. In 45new constitution was adopted(suffrage was restricted, sovereingnity shared Between courts and the crown the state signed yhe concordat with Holy See Agreed to finance the church and stop the privatisation. In some period Moderate liberals adopted measures to stop centralist taxes, create penal and National education system. Political system weakens. Monarchy was polltically Active in favour of made competition among aristocracy, military and clergy for The favour of queen led to corrupttion. Moderates and progressives in the army Involveds politics, constant electoral manipulationProgressive Bienium: military coup led by Odonell brought the Progressive liberals to power. They made 2 important reforms sale of public Assets became legañ y General Raul war law( created a railway network spain) Isabella reign in Crisis (56-68) second half of isabelas reign was turbulen, Disagreements among leberals moderates an liberal union( created by odonell) Derail the spanish goverment, goverment acting without authoridation and Repress uprisings. Oposition to the progressive regime was growth, new political Gropups emerged. Democrats advocate u. Male suffrage, Replublicans to ablolish The monarchy. A economic crisis led to unrest Democratic monarchy: Spain Became a monarchy and amadeo of savory for Italy was choosen to tyhe throne, began His reign in 70 whit thesupport of the progressive, unionist and democratise, Ruled through 2 years. In the islan cuba and Third Carlist war. Amadeo was lack Of support First republic: Cortes voted to form republic prepared a programes Of socials reforms and was a attempt to federal goverment the republic was a Permanent instability, wars continued and divisons of republicans mad progress Political dificult, unrest increased, Cartagens proclaimed monarchy to Alonso Son of Isabella. In 74 a coup dissolved the Cortes and mad General Serrano head Of state and tried to establish republic but no found supported

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