Demographic transition model

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4Model of demographic transition, 4 phases: 1 - old demographic regime, high birth and mortality, each woman had 5 children approximately between 200 and 500 children in 1000 is trovaben infant mortality, high mortality, thanks to few resources and little social control. population increase. 2-boom as improved hygiene and nutrition, slow decline in mortality, famine disappear for Better stecniques, the agrikultura, coal provides kalor Le skases decreases tuberkulosi, high birth rate, d creixemente apoblacio, S18-19 in Europe suffers lexplosio balnka. 3-demographic readjustment: segeix lowering mortality due dhigiene and the vaccine also decreased the natalitatprogresivament sapropa mortality, an end to the boom, the decline in the birth rate low infant mortality, development economik, consumption, housing, women in the world are laboral.i aki all developed countries.4, new demographic regime: mortality and low birth rate, we find no vegetative growth, with life expectancy of 80 years, we aqi countries around the world Riks, caractreitzats for lenvelliemnt the poblacio.4 Agriculture, gift cultivars, the pages are policonreu dedika month to dunk pruducte, monoconreu is a dedika Unik konreu ke skuantitat and allows me mollor kualitat. Intensive Agriculture: land small and expensive, with the greatest sintenta hen farm produce, for kualitat amount will need large investments and this happens with fruite if vegetables. Extensive farming: it has plenty of land, Dobra walking hand and face large quantities at a low price, great maquinarias avnçades, little ma dobro, selection of seeds and beasts, big productions and I sfacil komercialitzar and practika will fallow.6-Agrcultura subsistence: sla parktikan poor countries to survive, it Adir unikament work to survive,

mostly in lagrikultura.avui day agrcultors of subsitencia are produced primarily for consumption and living, master asia, oceania, america. Caractreitiques: crafts, animals are used poks ian ke no grazing lands, and a poor performance by a ke konstant exploitation, poor kualitat and tecnikes dolentes.dificil increase productivity and quality, we need a lot of my Dobro productivity for straws are small, low living standards. 7-traditional agricultural market: 1.impacte field of industrial development in industry development in agriculture leads to EMS alimentsi quality, large and small scale industry ugmenta Kasi disappears kompren peasant dresses to the industry.2-Agriculture Market: want to get the pages amxim benefci, sespecialitza in prodictes month kollita increase in demand and this causes qualitat.i ke si sespecialitza of komprar to other products on the market. 3-Transfromacio slow: aqet change process was sre slow agrikultors kept a piece of land for themselves as avian ke pasat qe deskonfiaben as much hunger .4-dependences Thunderbird Market: actualemnt, agrucultors produce unikament by Merck, and tameb working in the industry and got fixed salary. politiky of agrarian EU: promoting lagrikultura intesiva, my need for Dobra TECHNIQUES avnçades therefore given an avntajoso desgradacions dimpostos credits, interesting prices for the product no longer easy. CAP now aim at self Europa.pero provoka increase seed production and creates e spoden ke no surplus to sell. New proposals: to limit production and abandoned land and turn it into unprofitable areas forestalsb) baisca poor countries to buy products europa.c ) countries Riks COMEU incrementan the protectionist policy in order to defend their own products.

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