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Hawley plate: removable appliance and passive function in charge. parts retainers: the wire elements, function to hold the plate in the mouth. arc vestibular wire 0.9, is placed in the former group by contacting the most outstanding d vestibular.extremos face in the form of omega canino.Resina mesial of the nunidad da aparato.ocupa the vault apparatus palatina.estabiliza. Placa of expansion: active device .= k Hawley plate and has ade +: screw expansion: k generates forces transmitted to the resin and the upper jaw transverse maxillary expansion is to raise superior.placa bite: sometimes compressions are asymmetric . ay k in these cases raise the bite on the side opposite the side cruzada.un stara bite and another set in motion.Spring: 1 plate elements exos d expansion elastic wire, versioning function k teeth always exert its force of buccal palatal or lingual. Facial patterns: Patron dolichofacial: predominantly vertical parameters, gives the illusion of elongated face, and highlights common lateral compression . Braquifacial: horizontal parameters, sensation square face, potente.buccinador highly developed jaw muscles, have overbite and class II sub2,brakicefalos. Mesofacial: vertical and horizontal parameters (ekilibrados are more) can submit cualkier maloclusion.Mantenedores type of area: appliances fixed orthodontic bands or crowns are placed on old growth, corrective function.1Placa of substitution: parcil resin prosthesis placed in the mouth when they are lost prematurely almost all parts, restores masticatory function and esthetics. Band-handle: steel band d exa as, he welded a handle kntacta k cn Part + acia mesial next ste d dnd placed the band. Corona-asa: d has cemented steel korona d 1 molar tmporal which is welded to 1 handle saves k-space to 1 molar and / or primary canine.

functional devices: modeling the function REGULATORS Frankel aisle there take theory: k receive foreign forces and forces interiror.F.externas: lip and buccinator, Internal: lengua.ekilibrio of forces causes the arch k remains the same, except the desekilibrio account fuerzas.teniendo teoria sta, ste device has Scud 1s resin in 2 places: in sectors horn lateral vestibular depth d get vestibule, and anterior segment on both sides of the frenum, reaching vestibulo.llegan depth depth lobby to get rid of the arch of the external forces.Bimler "presents an omega d gureso.-wire arc presented mesial buccal k goes from 1 pole MP and turns forward reaching anterior horn has 2 springs tmb simple, every 1 to 2 cloves. Nance button: fixed appliance to 2 bands in 1 osMolares.Sup.Perm., can desrotarlos.para distal to base that has a previous support in 1 portion knsiste k d k d the redodeada resin gets 2 wires to the sides and when they reach the 1st MP make a loop and attach to the band x soldadura.funcion is the anchor brackets and combines cn 1 time k and its function in exo. transpalatal bar: 2 large wire separate bands 3 mm of the palatal mucosa in the downtown 1 acia omega pointing back, has the possibility ligeramnte d Xpander.

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