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Superficial Mycoses

Produced by two groups:

A. Dermatocitos
B. Cándidas

1) Those caused by dermatophytes are called ringworm. There are 3 main genres:
1.Tricofitos: affects skin, hair and nails
2.Epidermofito: affects skin and nails
3.Microsporum: affects skin and hair.

According to its reservoir may be:
· Zoophilic; of another animal
· Geophilic; soil
· Anthropophilic; of man

They are very similar to keratin, stratum corneum.

1) Vats head: tinea capitis
2) tubs trunk
3) Vats folds
4) tinea of the feet and hands

1) tinea capitis
iii.Quenon (alopecia)
i.No exists in Ecuador
ii.Tricofito schoenleini (permanent alopecia)

2) tubs trunk
Hairless skin 1.Quenon:
2.Herpes Circinate: rounded oval lesion, center n state of involution, small papules and vesicles and active edge.
Plaque 3.Tiña: same lesions above (2) that become larger neighborhood
4.Tiña ring, usually in children, red
Concentric 5.Tiña: a center with several rings
6.Granuloma of Majochi: nodular lesions are more palpable than visible, legs, arms. Presence of dermatophytes.
Vesicular 7.Pitiriasis: tinea versicolor also: superficial mycosis. 2 ways:
i.Acromiantes: rounded (to be confused with pityriasis alba) but this is slightly up. In the trunk when you pass out the nail lightly mark the sister scale
ii.Jeujerot: is pink, erythematous, appears in white people.

3) Tubs of folds
Great folds a.De
i.En the groin, inner
Small folds b.De
interdigital spaces i.En
ii.Diabéticos by poor hygiene
iii.Rosada macerated, slightly whitish.

4) tinea of the hands and feet
a.En wetlands
i.Del foot
1.Hiperqueratósicas; dominate the scales
2.Dehidrósicas; vesicles predominate
3.Intertriginosas; in the interdigital spaces.
ii.De nails
1.For dermatophytes: toenail gets up and takes the distal end. Loses shine
2.With Candida albicans: when making the proximal end and see a red rim.

1) Those caused by Candida albicans:
Produce superficial mycoses
· They are saprophytes
• In places where the pH is altered
• In immunodeficiency are altered and become pathogenic. AIDS, oral candidiasis
· They can make folds, as dermatophytes (armpits, submammary region, inguinal)

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