Describe the cells of the human respiratory tract and organelles

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Respiratory tract:nasal cavity,pharynx,


Lungs:are formed by bronchi,

bronchioles,alveoli and

 extensive network of capillaries.

Lungs-2 --Lungs are enveloped by the

pleura,composed by two membranes.

Between both membranes there is a


Gas exchange: After travelling

 through the respiratory tract,air filled

with oxygen reaches the pulmonary

alveoli,where gas exchange occurs.

Pulmonary ventilation: it is the process

that renew air constantly for gas 

exchange to function effectively.The

intercostal muscles and the 

diaphragm are responsible for this


Digestion is the process by which 

foods are transformed into simpler

substances(nutrients),so they can be 

utilised by our cells. 

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