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SN ---> Usually a noun as its core.

Infinitives and pronouns ---> may be the core of SN.

Features of pronouns -> may constitute by themselves an NP and the function of individual unemployed

Words with which we can refer to the same entities we name with nouns.

They have no lexical meaning of their own, but occasionally

Personal Pronouns ----> words variables with which we may designate the speaker, listener or entity providing a notion of person pronouns. The PP may act as subject or complement.

Personal pronouns tonic

Singular Plural

Men Women Neutral

male female

1st person subject I

we us

Completion me, me

we us

2nd personsubject You, you

you, you you, you

Completion You, you, you

you, you you, you

3rd person subject he she it

they them

Completion he she it

they them

Unstressed personal pronouns

Singular Plural Men Women Neutral Men Women 1st person me we 2nd person te 3rd person you what the the the it is gle,

Possessive pronouns -> indicate possession or ownership

Singular -> mine, mine, mine our ours, ours, yours, yours, yours, yours, yours, yours, his, hers, theirs

Plural -> mine, mine, ours, ours, yours, yours, yours, yours, hers, theirs.

Demonstrative pronouns -> serve to point indicating the spatial or temporal distance that mediates between the issuer and the being or object that is indicated.

Proximity -> this, this, this, these, these

Mean distance -> this, this, that, these, those

Remoteness -> that one over there, those, those, those.

Pronouns Numerals ---> Express number or order of a precise way.

Pronombresindefinidos ---> express quantity, identity, existence of an imprecise way.

Main indefinite pronouns ->

Quantity: Little, little, little, few, very few, much, much, many, many all, all, all, all, all, several, several, enough, enough

Identity: same, same, same, same, same, other, other, other, other, other, one, one, one, some, some, other, other

Of existence: some, some, some some, none, none, none, none. someone, anyone, anyone, whatsoever.

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