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2. i started at the end- So you have been - The first week i worked- Have you already worked- Yes i was there- I followed some products manager for a day and The showed me the diff- Have you attended- Yes i went- Did you find it interesting?- Yes of course. I took...- I haven’t worked

1.Have ever dad- Have always been- Have never ate- Started- Needed- Had- Thought- Were- Was- Shouted- Arrested- 

Was Have never been

3. i have been arrangin- I have been doing- I have been typing- I have been Printing- I have been surfing- I have been listening

4. Im going to have- Im Meeting- I will type- I will send- I will pay- is going to crash- we are going to go- he will stay- i'm going to apply- i'm going to ask- will forget it


1. Puntual 2.Inspiring 3.Knowledgeable 4. Sociable 5.Caring 6.Creative 7.Helpful 8.Enthusiastic 9.Confident 10.Trustworthy 11.Able to delegate 12.Motivating 13.Relaxed 14.Hardworking 15.Practical 16 fair minded 17.Persuasive


1.Phishing 2.Spyware 3.Cookie 4.Webside 5.Transaction 6.B2B 7.Spam mail 8.Brows 9.Approve 10.Dotcom company 11.E-comerce 12.C2C 13.Display 14.Verify 15.Fulfil


1.Flip chart 2.White board 3.Laser pointer 4.Slide 5.Beamer 6.Felt tip maker 7.Handout 8.Powerpoint


1. true false true true false true

2. B C A ?

3. Hierarchical- gurus - management consultancies- Innate- Qualitie

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