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3.  1: D´ont-BLAME

2: Valerie Is very- DISHONEST

3: That is The final-DEADLINE

4: His Behaveur is-SUSPICIOUS

5: I must-WARN

6: Your Tennis w-IMPROVEl

7: Please-SPEAK UP

8: If you Try hard, you can-ACNIEVE

9: All the Workers-ATTENDED

10: The –FIES

4. 1:Mike had a great idea. He-COME UP WITH

2: I can´t- CURRY ON

3: She was A – DROP OUT

4: Dan Invented the whole story. He- MADE UP



5. 1.While I-WAS TALKING  to the shop assistant, my purse- GOT STOLEN

2. I-HAVEN´T SEEN Andrew for a long time. I think I-WILL CALL him.

3.If I-KNEW You were in town the other day, I-WOULD HAVE CAME  to see you.

4.I –WON´T FELL Rachel your secret unless you-GIVE me permission.

5.I             in my house at the because it

6. 1: Oliver asked if Grace had already gone home.

2: Joe said That it was a good idea to do Shopping on Tuesdays.

3: Karen Said that she hadn´t understanded the lecture.

4: The teacher said to shout while she was talking.

5: Joanne Said that he would call me  the next day.

6: Jack Tell to ask the  theacher to explain the Homerwork.

7: Tom Suggested revising for the test that afternoon.

7. 1: I would love to go back to the restaurant (where) you had recommended.

2: The Student was punished by the teacher,(who/that) mobile phone rang during the Lesson.

·Igual que la anterior pero con (when/that)

3: Have you Been to the restaurant (where) the waiters sing?

4: My Friend is beautiful who/that is very tall.

5: The Empire Stale Building is very famous which/that is one of  the tallert building in the word.

8. 1.Oranges are grown in Spain (by them)

2. The Marks haven´t been brought to us by the teacher.

3. That singer Was admired by the Lisa when she was a child.

9.  1.” Are you going abroad this summer?” Asked Jim. (whether)

* Jim asked Whether if I was going abroad this summer.

2. It´s not Necessary for you to come.( Have to)

* You don´t Have to come.

ENUNCIATIVA: Admited, announced, apologised answered, boasted, claimed, complained, Declared, explained, informed, insisted, mentioned, offered, reminded, replyed, Stated.

PREGUNTAS: Enquired, requested, wanted to know, wondered.

ÓRDENES: Demanded, ordered, shouted, warned.


SUGERENCIAS: Advised, invited, recommended, suggest.


Today- that Day

Tonight- That night

Yesterday- The day before.

Last week- The week before.

A month Ago- The month before.

Tomorrow- The next day.

Next week- The week after.

Here- There

This- That

These- Those.

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