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After Franco's death someones wanted to perpetuate dictatorship, but a fresh start was wanted. The King was made head of state and Arias Navarro president.
The king named Adolfo Suarez as new president. Wasnt good lookin for no group(too conservative for opossition, too liberal for francoists). But after the political law reform and the trial to amnesty political prisoners people voted for a democrathic system in the next referendum.
In 1977 all political parties but communists were legalized. And in this same year general elections took part. UCD won and changed government with the MONCLOA'S AGREEMENT.
CONSTITUTION was also approved in the Cortes in 1978, and Spain was declared constitutinal monarchy and democrathic state.
The new constitution was divided in 2 parts: DOGMATIC AND ORGANIC PART.
The new constitution modifications were succesion in monarchy only of age.
Allowance of regional autnomous governments(less centralized)
In 1979 first autonomic elections in BC and CATALONIA.
In BC it was called STATUTE OF GERNIKA, which organized the new political system. But problems came with rightist navarre movement.
So the autonomy was formed by ARABA GIPUZKOA AND BISCAY.
So a parlamentary government with deputies who someone where from these provinces was formed.
It was the end of transition, education, social laws and industry changed radically, as PSOE(felipe gonzalez, ruled for next 13 years).
The new state was formed by the leftists vs rightists.
The rightists wwanted a one centralised state.
But after the historical conflicts it was hard to unify territories like BC or Catalonia and national resistance appeared.
Both languages basque and catalan were accepted, but anyway in 1978 consitution referendum BC had biggest abstention.
In 1973 the oil crysis provoked economycal dpression and inflation.The was also ETA.
in 1981 Tejero tried a coup d'etat but failed and during the next years felipe gonzalez ruled spain.

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