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Dasometry (American) .- is the science which deals with termination of the volume of forest trees and logs, is the growth and production of trees and forests. O handles measure the volume of trees and forest stands, finding out their age and their growth by calculating graduation THE Dasometry according to Vidal and Constantine .- DENDOMETRIA. "It's the scaling of the trees and the wooded masses EPIDOMETRIA .- Believes growth in the volume, determines the age of trees and forest masses and spacing TYPES OF MEASURES .- .- Direct measurement is made by the person performing the measurement on the tree. MEASURE INDIRECTA. "It reaches the person making the measurement of optical instruments. ESTIMATE .- This method is certain circumstances saves time and reduces the costs of measurement. DENDOMETRIA .- cube addresses trees and woodlands.- Diameter measurements is a basic measure for calculating the volume of basal area growth. .- Instruments .- caliper is a ruler in centimeters and media cm. That have one end an arm and a fixed or mobile squad to get a perfect reading should be perfectly parallel to each other, masking tape diameter of common metric .- Height measurement used especially for the estimated volume rather used as an indicator of capacity productive sites .- TYPES OF HEIGHT total tree height is the vertical distance calls qntre tree base and apex instead whore commercial height: the vertical distance from stump to go where begins the first bifurcation of the trunk is where appearance is in the trees branches WITHOUT MEASURING INSTRUMENTS .- with the rod is without a tree ke korta .- MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENTS ARE using hypsometric scaling method used in the TREE: The medion of tree is calculated in two groups. Measurements for standing timber: is the volume of a trunk of a tree stand: basal area. It is the cross-sectional area of stem at breast height a1.30 m above ground. COEFFICIENT MORPHIC. That exists is between laralcion (Vr) and (Vap) of a solid figure. TREES airspace .- TYPES dendrometrical dismounted. They have defined gemetricos bodies considering their heights and geometric shapes are. Base-stem forms a neloide. Portion of stem-form cylinder. Truncated form of Apollonius the paraboloid. Top of truncated cone shape. FORMULA Smalin. Calculate the volume of logs FORMULA HUBER dismounted. Calculate the volume of the trunk. WOOD ESCUADRADAD airspace. It is the calculation of timber volume of work is the bark and sapwood. There are two scaling THE FOURTH without deduction. Applies to logs to be styling in their region of greatest diameter greater. THE FIFTH DEDUCIDO.se scaling used to obtain a more perfect escudra removing the crust and a good part of the sapwood. THE COPA.se estimated airspace like a paraboloid of Apollonius LOG airspace. The measurements for firewood is pilada bone volume application to stereo. PEEL airspace. Two interest by a few commercial and industrial product, two wooden cheese because it sells debarking deducted the total volume.

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