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UNIT 5: Relationships

Get on with: llevarse bien

Classmates: company (escola)

Fall out with: pelearse

Make up with: recoinciloiarse

Habits: costumbres

Discuss: parlar de

Advice: consell

Gossip: cotillear

Trust: confiar en

Pick on: discutir,acosar

Stand up for: sacar la cara

Close: cercanos

Acquaintances: conocidos

Relatives: parents (familiar)

Vocabulary Born to be Together… or not?

Brothers and sistersà siblings

Characteristicsà Traits

More than enoughà plenty of

Develop emotionallyà mature

Depend onà rely on

Doing and having what I wantà getting my Own way

Turn intoàconvertirse

Get togetherà juntarse

Turn outàterminar en

Make up forà compensar

False friends

Advice= consell à avis= warning, notice

Discuss= parlar de à discutir=argue

Support= recolzar à suportar= stand, tolerate

Parents= pares à parents= relatives

Vocabulary: Relationships

Dating: salir con (going out)

Date: cita

Stood up: deixa plantat

Dumped: dejar

Asked out: demanar sortir

Couple: pareja

Chatting up: parlar

Going out with: saliendo con

Flirting with: tontear

Cheating on: poner los cuernos

Row: discutir

Break up: separarse

Get back together: volver juntos

Ex: ex

Fall for: pillarse

Love at first sight: (immediate and powerful attraction)

Hit it off: (get on really well)

Pop the question: (propose marriage)

The love of her life: (the partner of her dreams)

Tie the knot: (get married)

Breaks his heart: (devastates)


We use (-) when:

The prefix ends with the same letter that the word Begins with (anti-intellectual)

The word is a name which begins with a capital letter (pro-European)

After the prefix ex- (ex-student)


Transatlantic: across

Remarried: again

Super-fast: very big

Extracurricular: outside

Hypersensitive: big

Antisocial: against

Pro-American: in favour of

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