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Slide 1: remember the good and bad times when you were 11 years old? (rhetorical question) Well, Today’s presentation will give you deeper insight into the key messages behind the documentary of ‘I am Eleven’, commentary by Genevieve Bailey. My Ideas, opinion and explanations of elements in the documentary connected to my personal life will be expressed. I will share some of my thoughts and experiences as a 11-year-old and how it has changed the way I am today.

Slide 2: First of all, shifting to Australia in the age of 11 was a difficult process. There was a lot of new things to discover and experiencing these moments, meeting new people and getting used to a new lifestyle meant more time was needed. In the middle of this busy life, I was crazy about action films and I used to watch so many movies, listening to different soundtracks of each sequence and alternatively, imitating the mind-blowing actions and stunts performed by the actors. Being a 11-year-old, offered me advices as well as compliments. My mother used to say that I had a good habit of buying or sharing something to give it to someone you respect and value without having a belief that they would do the same thing back because that certainly is not love, in fact its trading.

Slide 2 Continued: Meanwhile, I had deeper thoughts and concerns into the world’s global issues, in particular, gender equality. There were several positives and negative rumours about this matter during those times and I still believe subsists in many parts of the world. I wanted to make a change in gender equality practises in which both genders have the equal rights and opportunities. Above all, it was mid-September when my family and cousins geared up for a long tour to a mountain range in Kerala, where it was dramatically amusing and captivating, that is when I started experiencing family love and happiness.

Slide 3: On the contrary, being unable to follow my culture and diversity, underage and not being able to accept realities were the tedious, negative factors of being a 11-year-old. Although some countries accept religious and cultures activities, Australia wasn’t the best choice for it because permission to get access to the right places and services to adore and worship was intricate. Apart from that, when I asked my parents about my personality and behaviour, they said that I was stubborn, aggressive and sometimes disobedient. As a matter of fact, this was true, my behaviour started to change because I disliked sharing my favourite belongings with others as I worried that it would get destroyed.

Slide 3: Continued: One of my passions was cricket. I searched numerous, Professional clubs around Adelaide but there were only signups for kids aged Thirteen and above. For that reason, describing about my sign, it was hard Waiting to be a teenager, therefore being a 11-year-old became one of my worst Experiences. I certainly couldn’t accept this reality. I also had difficulties Leaving my hometown before travelling overseas because I had a sensitive mind Back then. Even though it was sad, my mind couldn’t accept the opportunities And the new adventure travelling to Australia was going to give me, so having a Fixed mindset is also important.

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