- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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1-WHY ARE FERTILIZED EGGS OF ALPHA AND BETAS THEATRES IN A DIFFERENT WAYS?-Because  this process is one of the major instruments of social stability.2-WHY AREN`T EPSILON EMBRYOS GIVEN ENOUGH OXYGEN?-Because this affects the development of the brain3- WHICH COLORS ARE ALPHAS, BETA, GAMMAS, DELTAS AND ÉPSILON DRESSED IN?-Alphas wear grey, gammas green, Deltas kaki, Epsilon black and Beta blue.4-WHY DID DECIDE TO AVOID THE LOVE OF NATURE AMONG THE LOWER CLASES?- Because people can enjoy nature without buying a single thing. They conditioned the people tol ove sports that need complicated equipment. That way, they contribute to the economy.5-WHAT IS SLEEP TEACHING IDEAL FOR?-It is ideal for conditioning people.6-WHY SHOULDN`T A CHILD BELONG TO A FAMILY?-Because strong emotions can make problems7-COMPARE THE BELIEFS IN THE PAST AND IN THE NEW ERA?-There are families in the new era, everyone belongs to everyone else. Strong emotion are forbidden. They don´t believe in God, they believe in Ford. The past its not important.8-HOW DID THE NEW ERA BEGIN?-The new era is counted from the year in which the Model T Ford, the first motor car,m was first produced. Its inventor, Henry Ford, has become a god.9- WHY HAS BERNARD GOT A BAD REPUTATION?-Because they say he doesn`t like games, and he spends most of his time by himself. He`s so ugly and small, he looks low-caste.

10- WHAT IS SOMA AND WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE IT?-Soma is a drug. It makes you feel better.11- WHY DID FANNY DISAPPROVE OF LENINA`S RELATIONSHIP WITH HENRY?-Because it´s  wrong to have a long,intense relationship with only one man.12-WHOE DOES BERNARD CONVINCE LENINA TO GO ON A DATE WHIT HIM?-By inviting her to visit a savage reservation.13- WHAT DISGUSTED LENINA WHEN THEY GOT A MALPAIS?-There was rubbish everywhere, with flies and dogs all around it.14-HOW DID JOHNS LIFE CHANGE AFTER THE FILM THE SAVAGE WAS SHOWN?-A lot of people went to laugh at him15-HOW DOES LINDA FEEL ABOUT LIVING ON THE RESERVATION AND WHY?-She didn`t feel comfortable because she missed civilized16-HOW DOES BERNARDS LIFE CHANGE WHEN HE BRINGS JOHN TO THE NEW WORLD?-Bernard bécame more important and popular17-WHY IS RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN JOHN AND LENINA CERTAIN TO END IN TRAGEDY?-He wanted their love to stay pure and beautiful, her wanted them to get married.18- WHAT WAS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN JOHN THE SAVAGE AND THE DIRECTOR?-Director was John`s father19-HOW DID THE DIRECTOR FEEL WHEN HE MET HIS SON?- He felt completely humiliated and helpless.20-WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE RELIGIOUS RITUAL PERFORMED BY THE SAVAGES?-The purpose is to please the god and to make the rain.

21-WHAT DID LINDA BOOK LIKE?- She was a very fat women her two front teeth were missing and the others were in bad condition. Her face was wrinkled, her breasts and stomach were enormous and she snelt of alcohol.22-WHERE AN HOW DID LINDA DIE?-She died at the hospital. John  began to shake her violently and Linda couldn`t breathe.23-WHAT MOTIVATES JOHNS SUICIDE AT THE END OF THE NOVEL:-He thinks he has  to punish himself, and many people go everyday to laugh at him. 24-WHAT IS A FEELY?-It is like a film, but you can feel what the characters are feeling.25-WHY DIS JOHN TRY TO STOP PEOPLE FRPM TAKING SOMA)-Because  soma is poison to the soul and the body and people who need it are slaves.26-WHY WAS LINDA ATTACKED BY OTHER WOMEN OF THE VILLAGE IN THE RESERVATION?-Because she had been with their men27-HOW DID BERNARD REACT TO THE CONTROLLERS DECISION TO SEND THEM TO AN ISALAND?-He jumped to his feet, stood in front of the Controller and started to cry. Then Bernard knelt down in front of the Controller, talking and crying hysterically.28- DESCRIBE HOW THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LENINA AND JOHN DEVELOPS DURING THE STORY?-At the begining both of them loved each other. But then John hated her, and Lenina is afraid of him

29-YOUR OPINION, WHY DID PEOPLE TAKE SOMASO OFTEN IN THE STORY?-Because they weren`t as happy as they thought30-WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE SIDES OF BERNARDS PERSONALITY?-Positive sides: he thinks in a different way and he wants to help peopleNegative sides: he is fearfoul and interesed.31-IN WHAT WAYS IS LENINA A VICTIM OS THE SYSTEM?She does all the thinks like the society wants to, even though she wants to do in a different way.32-WHY DO YOU THINK JOHN COMMITTED SUICIDE? COULD IT HAVE BEEN PREVENTED?-Because he didn´t like new world, and he didn´t understand jit. It could be revented if they would let him return to be reserve.33-IF YOU LIVED IN THE NEW WORLD OF BRAVE NEW WORLD, WHAT ASPECT OF LIFE WOULD BE THE MOST DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO GET USED TO? EXPLAIN THE REASON WHY.-The most difficult for me would be not to be with the people i want to. For example: if i were a Beta, maybe I would like to be and Epsilon´s friend.

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