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Mireia Belmonte

Mireia Belmonte is a swimmer born in Badalona.

She began swimming in the club swimmed Badalona then she went to club swimmed Hospitalet, then she went to club swimmed Sabadell and to finally she is in the club UCAM club swimmed Fuentesana.

She is 26 years old.

Mireia is a nice person. I have competed against her and she is a crack.

She has been winning Olympic medals since 2006.

Usually swimming tests of average or long distance for example 400 or 200 meters.

One of his hopes is to keep competing at that level.

It’s my idol because it gets everything that is proposed.

Her life is very hard and I would love one day to get to where she has arrived. She is the best sportsman in Spain and for me in the world.

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