- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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-as someone out -cheat on soeone -fall in love with someone -fancy someone -finish with comeone -flirt with someone -get on with someone -go out with someone -have an argument with someone -miss someone.

Reporting verbs:

admit   invite

agree   offer                                                                                            Direct Speech-Reported speech        now - then

announce   promise                                                                                 i - he/she                                       today - that day

ask   refuse                                                                                              you - I/she/he/we/they                   tomorrow - the next day/the following day

complain   tell                                                                                          we - they                                        yesterday - the day before/the previous day 

explain   warn                                                                                          me - him/her                                 last year - the year before/the previous year.

-Reported Speech                                                                                    you - me/him/her/us/them            five years ago - five years before.

*present simple-past simple                                                                    us - them                                      next week - the next week/the following week.

"i fancy you"-He told me that he fancied me                                             my - his/her

*present continuous-past continuous                                                     your - my/his/her/our/their

"I'm going out with Tim"-She said that she was going out with Tim.            Our - their

*Past simple-past perfect

"I met her at a party"-He told me that he'd met her at a party.

*Present perfect-past perfect

"I've met someone else."-She told me that se'd met her at a party.


"we'll miss you"-They said that they'd miss me.

*is/are going to-was/were going to

"he's going to ask you out"-She said that he was going to ask me out.


"i can't go out with you"-He told me that he couldn't go out with me

*have to-had to

"i've have to finish with Sam-She said that she had to finish with Sam,

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