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Hi Jenny!
How are you? I'm so fine, because this weekend a friend of mine come to visit me.
she and and i went to eat one of the best restaurant in ciudad real. When we entered the restaurant it looked like a rich restaurant because everything was a very luxurious. The waiters were dressed in a very formal uniforms. They were asked to sit and they gave us a letter to ask for the menu.  For the first course we ordered King prown and prawns.
for the second course we ordered Shell fish and lamb. To drinking we asked a red wine and to finish for dessert we asked fruit sald and cream. They were attendes very fast. Everything was delicious! And the waiters were very friendly with us. When we finished eating, we thanked the waiters and tipped the waiters for how we had been served us.
Jenny i hope someday you'll come and eat with me at this restaurant. I think you're going to love it, i'm sure!
i'm looking forward to seeing you again, so say yes, please!
hugs and kisses and lots of love!
write soon!
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