- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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i went to cofess to the clergyman/even half-stoved i love you/that's strange grin that i don't like at all/there was blood every where/who do you store at me like that/in the house rich there are many servants/hurry, i'm waiting/ you look pezzled/i have forbiding smoking and drinking/an odd coincidence/delighted to meet you/this coment is out of place/she was very thin/i have struggle whit the exam/i like stirawberries fields/do not lean(apoyarse)over the open barbecue/i received an inquiry(investigación), about you the other day/ improve your english/this movie makes me very sadness/don’t do it for a while, please/you have waited a long time at the street/we don’t have an attic at home/get me a jug juice/and the put one the light/my grandmother wanders around the house/pain,rages,loneliness/what harm(daño)have i donde him/we will put a garment(ropa)/i will tear you to pieces in the netx round/you look distressed(angustiada)/i wonder if you love me/at shoutung at once, isabel!/neglet and maltreatment/afterwards we go to mcdonals/

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