- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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to hit the books- estudiar mucho                 bookworm-deboralibros

a page-turner- librochulo      an open book-persona abierta te cuenta to

a closed book- algo que consideras finalizado

You´re in my good books- personas qe mas quieres

to read the fine print- leer la letra chica

toread between the lines - leer entre lineas(deducir)

read my lips- escuchar atentamente

spell bound by- llamar la atencion de alguien

thats one for the books- increible

you cant judge a book by its cover- no juzgar a la gente por su apariencia

By the book- que no te saltas las reglas

to cook the books - organizacion algo falso

to throw the books at somebody - castigar a alguien severamente

to close the book on- terminas con algo que no te gusta

Cruel to be kind-

Love is blind-

Seen better days

My salad days

All the worlds a stage

Quality of mercy is not strained

Such stuff as dreams are made on

Off with his head

This is thelong and short of it

Brevity is the shoul of wit

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