- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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1.Narrative essay

- introduction: introduce los personajes y explica el Espacio (pasado). Last summer,I went to…

- describe lo que pasó. At First…

- qué pasó al final. Afterwards……i Will never forget it!

2.Informal letter or Email.

 - Hi Ana,Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear From you! I’m sorry i haven’t written for ages, but i’ve been busy revising for My exams. Y responder preguntas o porque le escribes.

 - Da información y Haz preguntas. What will the course cost?

 - Acaba y Write son! Love, laia.

3.Discussion essay

 - introducció. A General statement about the topic. However, There are both + and - aspects of….

 - 2 in Favor. On the one hand…

 - 2 Against.  On the other hand…

 - Give your opinión. To conclude…

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