- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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1845 by Edgar Allan Poe 

-Musicality, stylised language, supernatural atmosphere 

-Setting: the house, midnight December. Room like a library. He sits us in a DARK atmosphere. 

-Themes: Love, loneliness, the relation between the speaker and the supernatural.

-Tone: melancholic tone, it changes into annoyed and angry as the story progresses. 

-A lot of REPETITION. Leaves the ides that his madness is increasing. 

-Structure: 6 verses of 18 stanzas. 108 verses. Trochaic octameter: one stressed syllable followed by one unstressed. 

-Rhyme: heart beat, ABCBBB.

-he builds tension. 

-The raven symbolise the conflict between remember and forget. He tries to forget Lenore but he does not want to at the same time. 



-we don’t know if Lenore was his girlfriend, sister, etc.. But Imp: IDEA of her, of her lost.

-Stanzas were in the past and suddenly in “Demon is the raven” changes in present.

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